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Dewas (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): An official of a Dewas-based Bank Note Press (BNP) was today caught pilfering newly-printed currency notes.
A sub-division team led by SDO Ameer Nawaz raided at various areas and caught Ahmad Buksh, Abdul Waheed, Mohammad Ali, Ghulam Mohammad, Malik Abdul Khaliq and Malik Mohammad Zubair and Mohammad Abdullah red handed while pilfering electricity.
It is such a pilfering store could for so long Recorder "One asks the question, how on earth did it take such a long time for you to be found out?
Adnan Ahmed Yusuf, emphasized that banks operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain are completely immune from any hacking or electronic pilfering committed by criminal gangs early this week in 27 countries around the world, including two Arab countries.
The additional collector of Manmad was burnt to death while trying to stop oil pilfering.
The tough action comes two days after additional district collector Yashwant Sonawane was burnt alive by members of the oil pilfering and adulteration mafia on the outskirts of Manmad in Nashik district.
Coworkers aren't the only target for pilfering by "supply-jackers," the survey found.
FORMER AEK Athens owner Makis Psomiadis is facing four years in jail after pilfering pounds 10million from club accounts.
Network Rail, hit by more than 1,500 metal pilfering cases last year, said: "Theft of signalling cables causes disruption to passengers.
With a few deft strokes of the pen, Philip tells us all we need to know about that pilfering monster, the European Union.
Jim Stephenson, defending, said Wyse represented several small businesses through his firm but began pilfering when his finances went belly-up.
Reports have emerged that foreign aid was being sold openly in markets and that the military was pilfering and diverting aid for its own use.