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Pauline, however, also buys love medicine from Moses Pillager and has Sophie put it in Eli's food.
Warren got this information from one of his major informants, Flat Mouth (Esh-ke-bug-e-coshe), a chief of the Pillager Ojibway who had interacted with a tribe known to "the Ojibways by the name of Gi-aucth-inne-wug, signify[ing] 'men of the olden time' and named by the French, Gros Ventre," who claim to have "been former possessors of the country from which the Mississippi takes its rise" (HOP, 178).
Dr Barbara Ransby went to see it and was totally disgusted at the way the movie by Leonardo DiCaprio depicts Africans--bloodthirsty mindless killers and pillagers, or childlike noble savages and feeble victims.
The other is beautiful, otherworldly Fleur Pillager, a healer and visionary possessed of mysterious powers (she can, for example, predict for hunters exactly where deer will be found), who will survive gang rape and near death by drowning, influenza, and numerous other extremities.
Untrained, Affleck has just completed his first potential blockbuster - playing a marauding pillager of villages whose outlaws rape the heroine's sister in a forthcoming epic about Joan of Arc, starring Mila Javovich.
With the rise of "the happy pillager," Pat Buchanan, in the early primaries, and with slowing growth and the continuing toll of workers fired by C.
Their story makes no sense, however, without the relations of Zelda Kashpaw, Xavier Toose, and Fleur Pillager.
The Columbus of today" - the liar, pillager and murderer of revisionist histories "also an ideological creation.
Their manufacturing plants in Pillager, Minnesota and Worcester, Massachusetts, will remain in operation indefinitely.
In fact, the population increased from about 800 in 1875 to over 1,400 a year later, as the Pembina and Otter Tail Pillager bands joined the Mississippi Band already at White Earth.
Those with a little less to spend could buy Tam O'Shanters with acrylic red hair hanging from the sides, instantly transforming the wearer, be he ever so scrawny, into a sword- wielding pillager from the hills.