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Pauline, however, also buys love medicine from Moses Pillager and has Sophie put it in Eli's food.
Dr Barbara Ransby went to see it and was totally disgusted at the way the movie by Leonardo DiCaprio depicts Africans--bloodthirsty mindless killers and pillagers, or childlike noble savages and feeble victims.
The SEC probe could evolve into criminal charges against this corporate pillager and other Tenet executives.
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And Iversen didn't even need to play the Viking pillager on his Premiership debut, because the Sky Blues were such submissive hosts.
For my wife Elizabeth, the Vikings take top billing, although I suspect she was rooting for the Scandinavian pillagers and not their peasant victims or the damsel in distress.
Experience taught them they were more likely to encounter rapists and pillagers than a kindly band of Danish social workers.
Erol Rizaov wonders in Utrinski vesnik whether someone will help archbishop Timotej to defend Clement's city Ohrid and the holy waters of the lake from the pillagers.
Thanks to centuries of rotten PR, their image as pillagers and looters is so ingrained in the popular imagination it is unlikely to be shifted any time soon.
Jones soon appeared on Dan Abrams's show on MSNBC and on CBS's Early Show, and dozens of other news outlets featured her story prominently, including CNN and Keith Olbermann's Countdown, where the outspoken host compared Halliburton to barbarians and pillagers.