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PILLAGE. The taking by violence of private property by a victorious army from the citizens or subjects of the enemy. This, in modern times, is seldom allowed, and then, only when authorized by the commander or chief officer, at the place where the pillage is committed. The property thus violently taken in general belongs to the common soldiers. See Dall. Dict. Propriete, art. 3, Sec. 5; Wolff, Sec. 1201; and Booty; Prize.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was a period full of turmoil, not only in Africa but all over the world, an age of discovery, of travel and of adventure, an age of wars, of pestilence, of pillagers, of famine and of family feuds.
Afghanistan, despite having passed in 2004 draconian laws against the trade, removal, or excavation of heritage sites, has been a free-for-all for looters and pillagers for more than 30 years.
I suppose it is only a small proportion really of the Germans that deserve the epithets of 'Huns', 'Murderers', 'Pillagers' etc that the English press hurl at the German nation as a whole."
Deprived of their livelihood and confronted with the health hazards of toxic wastes, affected fishermen groups decided to protect their shoreline from pillagers and polluters.
It is an intriguing premise, pairing two such mismatched opponents as a race that can barely comprehend the notion of flight with interplanetary pillagers who prefer vivisection over extending the ET finger of friendship.
Madsen devotes a significant portion of this chapter to Vizenor's epic narrative poem Bear Island: The War at Sugar Point, a "comic mock-epic imagistic poem" that recounts the 1898 military engagement between Anishinaabe Pillagers and the US Army.
Just like those funny credit card ads that ask, "What's in your wallet?" I was playing my own version called "What's in my refrigerator?" And if I may digress, those lovable pelt-dad pillagers in the Capitol One commercials are actually Visigoths and not Vikings, in case anybody asks.
"Adakai, as a traditional Navajo, thought it only right that the would-be pillagers were frustrated by the fates," Pasternak writes.
Racketeers, pillagers and swindlers have no place in parliament."
as threats to agriculture and pillagers of the countryside..." And "she also insinuated that ...
On photography discussion boards online, those who use digital images without permission are referred to as "thieves," "forgers," or "pillagers." To the public, however, digital images have become so ubiquitous, and so easy to create and copy, that they are not necessarily regarded as art.
The member of San JosE[umlaut]'s Consejo Interno who had been tasked with escorting us to the f[sz]brica assured us that he had plenty of experience with pillagers of crops and livestock, and admitted that the FARC showed a greater tendency toward reimbursement for devoured or destroyed items than did other armed formations.