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The relationship between the closed flowers and the closed flowers robbed found on the ground indicates that the premature floral abscission happens before flower opening, due to the nectar pillaging by native bees.
One bright fact of history that escaped mention lit the Tamerlane story was that, following the pillaging of Baghdad, the conquering soldiers embraced Islam, and their descendents have remained Muslims.
With Ballystone and Pillaging Pict out of the race, Jordan's Ridge took the four-runner race from Weaver George.
This progressive eight-year-old has won twice at Kelso this season and the fences at the Borders track are pretty stiff but Pillaging Pict handled them well.
Probably the most revealing material in this study comes in Pietro Alcionio's four orations, which, while conveying his outrage at Rome's pillaging, also chart his personal defection from the embattled Clement to the rival Cardinal Pompeo Colonna.
When these needs are not met, undesired behaviors can result, including verbal outbursts, rummaging, pillaging, agitation and depression.
A Wave of pillaging treasure-hunters is feared after the discovery off County Mayo of one of the largest galleons in the Spanish Armada.
Retail behemoths are an all too common blot on the South African landscape, as this vulgar pillaging of Victorian values in Durban aptly demonstrates.
Keegan gallops through history at the speed of a pillaging Cossack.
However, some creative thinking in 1990 helped keep Buckingham Custom Woodcraft of Sudbury alive during the spare-no-business pillaging of the 1991 recession, and in September the orders started to come in.
Some of the Lake Cushman timber is 200 or more years old, but no one's complaining that Clearwater Marine is pillaging old-growth forests.