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The MoD said that Lance Corporal Davey, described as a first class soldier and a pillar of strength, "died as a result of a tragic firearms accident".
For 13 years, Hart High of Newhall represented the pillar of strength among area high school football teams.
Privately held companies are another pillar of strength, which supports the state's economy.
A happy Fassie declared her undying love for the woman whom many consider to be a pillar of strength for Fassie after countless earlier failed romances had left Fassie in tears.
Thank you for being a pillar of strength in the African American community and the American business world.
The friend added: "Alan is a pillar of strength for Lesley - like she was for him in his football career.
Taiwan must be duly recognized by the international community,'' Kobsak said, adding that the Taiwan economy has proven to be a pillar of strength and engine of growth in Asia, particularly during the three years since the Asian economic crisis.
The long history of Chicago Boiler, the parent company, Chicago Boiler, established by Alfred Krumholz in 1891, and the original squared text exemplify the pillar of strength, reliability and staying power of this family-owned company.
This name came from a conversation I had with my mother about her being my pillar of strength.
My true pillar of strength is the leading woman of my life - my mother.
Taulava was NLEX's pillar of strength under Boyet Fernandez,
SDLP leader Colm Eastwood said Mrs Mallon had been a life-long member of the party and stood strong against violence from the early days of the Troubles He added: "Gertrude will long be remembered as a pillar of strength and a source of hope for SDLP members in Armagh during the darkest days of conflict, none more so than her devoted and beloved husband Seamus.