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A failed act of remembrance and commemoration--this "Ecole Normale of the Dead"--shows, according to Mona Ozouf, "endless division is a specialty of French history, which has never managed to end its revolutions, pin down its chronologies, or reconcile its children."
Here she investigates particularly the term grazia, which, like virtu, is difficult to pin down. She notes its usage both in theological and graeco-roman mythological terms, and makes the significant point that it is generally a relational concept grace is something that is bestowed or something that someone perceives in or assigns to a person.
Why this short prayer became associated with travel, I can't pin down - probably because it was both terse and familiar, and it invoked the security of Mary.
MANILA -- Justice Secretary Leila De Lima dared Senator Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada to reveal his "unimpeachable source" of information about an undersecretary from the Department of Justice (DOJ) who is allegedly coaching witnesses in the pork barrel scam to pin down not only him but also Senators Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr.
Pfizer is currently funding a study to pin down the cardiovascular side effects of the drug.
Over the past few decades, researchers have been trying to pin down the specific chemical culprits behind increasing complaints of poor air quality inside offices and other buildings.
Hitoshi Abe's architecture is hard to pin down, principally because he treats the architectural process as a voyage of discovery, a personal reading of site and circumstance.
EWAN McGregor is "The Eye", a hotshot spy who is set on the trail of blackmail suspect Joanna Eris (Ashley Judd) to pin down the evidence and catch her.
The influence of jazz dance, like the influence of jazz itself, is so widespread that it is sometimes impossible to detect, let alone pin down. Quite simply it is part of American theatrical dance, cropping up everywhere.
He said: "I don't know what the players will say - Paul Gascoigne, in particular, is difficult to pin down. But I'm delighted to have received the award.