pin down

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Green and Tao are now trying to pin down the location of prime arithmetic progressions more precisely.
VENTURA - Concerned that Kiddie Beach is among the most polluted in the region, the Board of Supervisors will decide Tuesday whether to hire a consultant to pin down what is contaminating the popular area.
Consequently, it is difficult to pin down an exact estimate of these losses.
Sedna is now too close to the sun for a good view from Earth, but next fall Brown's team plans to monitor the body for a full night to pin down its rotation speed.
There's a story in this picture, as there is in each one and in the group as a whole, but because of Baran's ambiguous position both inside the story and out, at an angle to the image and yet facing it straight on, it's partly a story about not being able to pin down just what the story really is.
To pin down the link between gout and dietary purine, Hyon K.
Rich in description and allusions (history, geography, rock bands), Chang's demented dialogue was also highly structured, in almost musical fashion, with constant repetitions and variations - making the language as difficult to pin down as the elusive Chang himself.
Martin's take on genius is that it's unexpected, hard to pin down, like a shooting star.
Therefore, while the findings solidify the link between lupus and atherosclerosis, she says, they don't pin down inflammation as its cause.
Increasingly, scientists are trying to pin down the physical mechanisms that might be at work.
The visual images - an angry man encased in tubes, a two-headed, masked figure, an 18th-century dandy, among others - were also difficult to pin down.