pin down

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Estrada, in his privilege speech, said a DOJ undersecretary is instructing witnesses in the alleged pork barrel scam to pin down them down.
Pfizer is currently funding a study to pin down the cardiovascular side effects of the drug.
Over the past few decades, researchers have been trying to pin down the specific chemical culprits behind increasing complaints of poor air quality inside offices and other buildings.
For the cast members, particularly Leoni, whose character was the hardest to pin down, it was a matter of sometimes wanting to strangle Brooks.
Hitoshi Abe's architecture is hard to pin down, principally because he treats the architectural process as a voyage of discovery, a personal reading of site and circumstance.
And by gracefully accepting its inability to pin down Behn, Chernaik's study enjoys a final slight disordering of its neoclassic equilibrium.
The wires' exceptional performance stems from how well such columns pin down the eddies, the group concludes.
Hazlett of Sacramento was convicted of raping and murdering former Miss Rosamond Tana Woolley, a crime that had gone unsolved for 24 years until DNA technology helped detectives pin down Hazlett as a suspect.
His interest was style, image, the look of the thing, and he attempted to pin down ideals of form and proportion that finally remained elusive.
With what is left of Michelangelo as the author has delineated him, one is now tempted to ask, will the real Michelangelo please stand up, because he is certainly hard to pin down, and no lies here please