pinch hitter

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Young improved to 3-for-8 with four RBI as a pinch hitter this season and 7-for-21 (.
Pinch hitter Nick Toedt led off the Phillips seventh with a walk off Tyler Faille, then Zach Prendiville bunted for a hit.
The Rockies will use him primarily as a pinch hitter and to spell Todd Helton occasionally at first base.
But his pitch count reached 96 by the end of the fifth, and he left for a pinch hitter.
Hansen, the Mariners' engaging, easygoing clubhouse sage, is a left-handed pinch hitter, the person who--along with his frequent foe, the left-handed relief specialist--often claims the smallest share of a box score.
He'll be a valuable pinch hitter for us, and I won't be scared to use him any time now,'' Little said.
ECR tied the game an inning later, when pinch hitter Keith Zvorak was hit by a pitch and scored on a two-out double by Aaron Breslow.