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They did get a bad break in the fourth when pinch hitter Ian Happ was called out on strikes on an outside pitch with two outs and the bases loaded.
He has played the role of a pinch hitter so effectively that his first two half-centuries have came off just 15 and 17 balls respectively against Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Young improved to 3-for-8 with four RBI as a pinch hitter this season and 7-for-21 (.333) since signing with the Sox before last season (the average for MLB pinch hitters in 2017 is .252).
Top of the list is that age is no bar and secondly that the role of a pinch hitter is getting undermined.
"I won this race twice in 1982 and 1983 with Pinch Hitter but since then it hasn't been the luckiest of races for me.
It's just like a pinch hitter coming in with the bases loaded who closes his eyes, swings and happens to hit a grand slam.
A lead teacher is like a pinch hitter, says Johnny Lott, president of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics and professor of mathematics education at the University of Montana.
(4) Reaction to Veeck's use of a midget pinch hitter was sharply divided.
Hardy was 2-for-7 as a pinch hitter in 1960, and 4-for-15 (not 3-for-14, as shown in The Baseball Encyclopedia) in 1961.
Coaches didn't know whether to put in a pinch hitter or a pinch runner for us and often tried to do both.
WHICH SPORT: With which four sports do you associate the terms "pinch hitter", "niblick", "half-nelson" and "salchow"?
Which batter would you prefer in a crucial situation: a pinch hitter who has a .400 average for 10 at bats, or Wade Boggs, who has a .359 average in 527 at bats?