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As groups like Common Cause pinch pennies, Public Campaign finds itself awash in dough from such notable patrons as George Soros, whose foundation has already awarded the group $3 million in grants.
For college students or that financially disorganized friend or relative, consider a budget book, material on how to manage money or pinch pennies, or a subscription to a financial magazine.
Or if you want to pinch pennies American-style, you can eat at the Burger King across Place Victor-Basch on General-Leclerc.
Shoppers looking to pinch pennies have found that buying fresh produce has provided some savings for them.
The restaurant industry leaders who gather here in April recognize consumers continue to pinch pennies and running these businesses remains as challenging as ever.
Amid tragedy and a newfound need to pinch pennies, the clan's irrepressible spirit endures.
Everyone is trying to pinch pennies and tighten belts, although if you ate as much as me in December that one's a tough cookie to crack.
The health insurer Aetna said it can help physicians pinch pennies in these tough economic times.
When it's time to renew my subscription, I will pinch pennies and do whatever it takes to keep it coming.
TOKYO - Domestic shipments of so-called ''third-category beer'' in Japan in November exceeded those of ''happoshu'' low malt beer for the seventh straight month, as consumers pinch pennies amid the economic downturn, industry data showed Wednesday.