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Culturally--and paradoxically--we seem to value cheap food, and the main goal of grocery shopping for many of us is to pinch pennies and buy bargain food, even when we could make space in our budgets to fork over more.
This display is optional on the Active trim level and standard from Allure up and it brings the interior together, so you'll miss out if you pinch pennies here.
The most successful retailers are shunning the one-size-fits-all approach and targeting either affluent consumers willing to pay more for premium, fresh and ready-to-eat food or the extreme value shopper driven to pinch pennies.
I know how to bargain and pinch pennies, I have to -- it comes out of my pocket.
Liability insurance is likewise no place to pinch pennies, but you might be able to add an umbrella policy providing comprehensive catastrophic coverage, which may allow you to decrease your regular coverage, or raise your deductible limits.
If you wish to pinch pennies, there is the standard 143bhp diesel engine, which while not really a rubber burner, will reward you with 16.
There you have it folks- if you want to join the billionaire club, you could just pinch pennies like the mighty Buffett.
Adam said: "In times like these, we should be doing everything that we can to save waste and pinch pennies.