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These delightful pincushions make special gifts for all your quilty friends or just for yourself.
The collector of pincushions has arguably the widest scope of all sewing accessories to chase, partly because needlewomen often made their own.
Each head is composed of a circle of bracteoles, which look at first sight like petals, containing a multitude of tiny flowers - the pins in the pincushion - forming a large umbel at the top of 2ft stems.
The NMAI pincushion created quite a stir among students of Northeastern decorative arts.
A sweetheart pincushion with a central silk panel which shows the battles fought by the Durham Light Infantry
KIDS were his inspiration, acknowledges artist Nantu Das, whose pincushion kids are easily the most adorable pieces of art you could discover on the fair ground.
I felt very sorry for the poor patient who Andy turned into a pincushion as he tried to insert a needle into his vein.
The use of Spanish phrases only bolster the author's beautiful metaphors, one of which compares her heart to a fragile pincushion.
They're referring to a finale in which the ambitious Washizu, memorably played by Toshiro Mifune, is shot through with arrows until he resembles a human pincushion or a dying porcupine.
Flowering from July to September in a riot of purples, oranges and pinks, these anemone flowering dahlias boast elongated outer petals around a dense centre of small often tubular petals that have a pincushion appearance.
In fact, the Toy Fair also features Printies from Techno Source, which can be used to upload a picture of Madoff and make a low-budget Bernie doll fit to be a diabolical pincushion.
At one point, Angus's mum is meant to dazzle all the Army officers with her beauty - even though she has turned up to a posh dinner looking like a stuffed velvet pincushion.