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Each head is composed of a circle of bracteoles, which look at first sight like petals, containing a multitude of tiny flowers - the pins in the pincushion - forming a large umbel at the top of 2ft stems.
The NMAI pincushion created quite a stir among students of Northeastern decorative arts.
THESE small heart-shaped embroidered cushions decorated with beads, lace and tassels also date from the First World War and are known as sweetheart pincushions.
Distortion stretching the shape in the diagonal direction is called pincushion distortion, and that which compresses the shape in the diagonal direction is called barrel distortion.
At one point, Angus's mum is meant to dazzle all the Army officers with her beauty - even though she has turned up to a posh dinner looking like a stuffed velvet pincushion.
It will also harbor some of last remaining populations of the threatened Siler pincushion cactus (Pediocactus sileri) and the endangered dwarf bear poppy (Arctomecon humilis), a plant found only in Washington County, Utah.
With age these medium-sized gametophytes took on a pincushion shape (Fig.
Witness the picture above, kindly sent tome by regular column contributors Nick and Cherry Bowmaker, of a robin's pincushion, which they discovered beside the Macclesfield Canal recently.
org, where I found a comprehensive list of necessities that included everything from an iron and ironing board to a strawberry pincushion.
There are musclemen showing their self-sufficiency, and the Human Pincushion, Ronald C.
Just south of the camp lie the remains of the 7525-acre Hondo Fire; after six years the front of the mountain is still a pincushion of burnt trees.
MOLECULAR PINCUSHION One of the best ways to use fullerenes' unique structures is as scaffolding for building drug molecules, says Friedman, now at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.