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Descriptions of understory vegetation structure and soil characteristic variables measured within an 18 m radius of 50 sites with southeastern pocket gopher activity and 50 sites without activity within the Jones Ecological Research Center in Baker County, Georgia, 2012-2013 Variable Description Vegetation structure Pine Straw Percent of 5 1-[m.
FINAL STRAW Spieth prepares to drop in pine straw at the 10th after a wayward shot off the tee
He injured his right hand in his fi-nal round on Sunday after appearing to hit a hidden tree root when playing his second shot out of the pine straw on the ninth.
9 left him playing off the pine straw beneath a stand of trees, but it was almost more costly than that.
We use mulch that acidifies the soil: pine straw and oak leaf mulch are readily available to us.
Woods saw his 2011 season severely interrupted by the Achilles and knee injuries he sustained on the course during the Masters, playing aggressively from the pine straw beneath the branches of the hazard that sat, waiting to punish a wayward tee shot, by the left of the 17th fairway.
Daddy would dig a large round hole in the field, and I would gather pine straw to put in the hole.
The pine straw was around my ball almost like a nest, sitting down, and I had to hit a low nine-iron that could go no more than 10 feet high because of the tree limbs, and I'm aiming at the water being left-handed, so I'm hitting this big massive hook.
Termites have been shown to consume certain mulches like pine bark, cypress, melaleuca, and pine straw (Duryea et al.
PHIL MICKELSON (2010 Masters) From 207 yards off pine straw Mickelson threaded between a pair of trees to hit the green and set up a birdie at the 13th.
Bubba Watson, whose magnificent shot off the pine straw from deep in the woods won the Masters championship in a playoff earlier this month, is among the many talented golfers who worked their way up through the Nationwide Tour (previously the Nike and Buy.
Watson's win is even better than Phil Mickelson's recovery from the pine straw at No.