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Pitchers use pine tar, shaving cream and suntan lotion.
Umpires reportedly found the pine tar after the Nationals requested Peralta's glove be examined shortly after he entered the game in the eighth inning.
If you've been around the game, you can also pick up the faint smells of pine tar and rosin coming out of cans and packets that have been opened and checked.
The product worked so well that EISCO(R) was asked to help remove pine tar stains from helmets and uniforms.
We found that you can't just run down to your local hardware store and ask for a can of pine tar.
The umpires had disallowed the homer because the pine tar on Brett's bat exceeded the 18-inch limit.
Louis huff and puff on their hands between every pitch, wear ski masks under their parkas and crunch away on their frozen hot-dog-on-a-stick, what's so wrong with tossing around the idea of having baseball determine its annual champion at a neutral site -- one where the temperatures don't dip below the Fox TV ratings, the jets' flyby isn't necessary to defrost the foul poles and neither the pitchers nor the beer venders need pine tar relief to get a grip?
I put some pine tar, (the kind you buy at feed stores for horses) in some soap for a good shampoo.
It is said to give players a better grip that is an alternative to the pine tar traditionally used.
It gives players a better grip that is an alternative to the pine tar traditionally used.
The most intelligent comment about the Michael Pineda pine tar incident last week came from Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild.
What it was, as anybody in any living room could see, was the color of pine tar, and as the network was kind enough to spell out by displaying the relevant rule-book page, a pitcher caught with a ``foreign substance'' gets an ejection and 10-day suspension.