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Pitchers use pine tar, shaving cream and suntan lotion.
America got a lesson in pine tar that Sunday afternoon, and soon every baseball fan knew that pine tar is allowed from the bottom of the bat and could extend 18 inches toward the top.
Perhaps one of his most well-known moments came in 1983 when he upheld Kansas City's protest in the Pine Tar Game against the (http://espn.
Maybe LaRussa realized that even if Rogers had pine tar on his hand, the rest of the Tigers had flop sweat on theirs.
Sports Afield, for $75, bought a piece she wrote on repairing fishing poles with pine tar.
I remember when we applied pine tar with paint brushes to the tails of the chickens in an attempt to stop pecking and cannibalism.
6) processes wherein the crumb is softened with a plasticizer such as pine tar, and devalcanized by the addition of 0.
He didn't like putting pine tar on his bat, and I couldn't hit without pine tar and rosin to hold onto the bat.
New York Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda will come off the disabled list Wednesday and make his first start since his suspension for using pine tar on the mound.
gameId=320619120) ejected for allegedly using pine tar during the eighth inning of the team's June 19 victory over the Washington Nationals.
If you've been around the game, you can also pick up the faint smells of pine tar and rosin coming out of cans and packets that have been opened and checked.
We found that you can't just run down to your local hardware store and ask for a can of pine tar.