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The Company is a full service CV joint, rack and pinion and starter motors rebuilding center located in Miami, Florida.
Infill and development work at Dark Star and Pinion is expected to account for approximately 40,800m of drilling in 296 holes while exploration should add another 34,000m of drilling in 85 holes.
Metso has rebranded its Falk replacement gear and pinion products under the Metso Gears and Pinions name.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Shaft-120T Turning Gear Qty: 1 No 2)Helical Pinion Shaft Qty: 1 No 3)Helical Gear Qty: 1 No 4)Pinion Shaft 30/10T Eot Qty: 2 No 5)Input Pinion Shaft Qty: 2 No 6)Input Shaft-50/10T Crane Lf Qty: 1 No 7)Pinion Shaft Of Lt Gear Box Qty: 2 No 8)Gear Of Lt Gear Box Qty: 2 No 9)Pinion Sheft For 30/10T Crane Qty: 2 No 10)Gear For 30/10T Garlic Crane Qty: 1 No