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From the future come winds with stealthy pinions, and to fine ears good tidings are proclaimed.
And say,' added Mr Swiveller, 'say, sir, that I was wafted here upon the pinions of concord; that I came to remove, with the rake of friendship, the seeds of mutual violence and heart-burning, and to sow in their place, the germs of social harmony.
WELL DONE: Dr Jane Carter (association education representative) and Catherine Pinion (association president) make the presentation to Uchechukwu Peace Okorji (PW080214Caward-03)
The gear pinion which engages the coarse focus can be disengaged by pulling the fine focus knob sideways, and is pushed in to engage.
The pinion for these machines is of the type shown in figure 2.
Make sure the ring gear and pinion gears are clean and free of obstructions.
The dual rack and pinion hoist, on the other hand, is configured with two cars running on a single vertical tower.
DEXTER - The graveside service will be held June 4 for James Louis Pinion of Dexter, who died May 30 of pneumonia.
Longer ejector travel while fitting within the same overall pocket dimensions is the benefit of a new line of rack-and-pinion ejectors from Rack & Pinion Inc.
Unlike other "talk" shows, Pinion makes no pretense about what he's doing.
GigaTrust, the leader in Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, announced today the acquisition of the assets of Pinion Software, a privately held software company based in Austin, Texas.
Pinion A-3 Noss-8140 Pinion -B 2 Nos S-8142 Locking Wheel 1No S-8142 Gear 1No S-8139 Hadle 1 No.