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Caption: Metso provides gears and pinions to its clients who have bought mills and furnaces from the company.
In the turning phases the pinions 1 and 2 work on the same flank of the crown.
Metaldyne has also been awarded two differential carrier case assemblies that include a differential case, net-shaped side and pinion gears with net-forged teeth, a differential pinion shaft and thrust washers.
The two main drive pinions are easily aligned using eccentrics and on-line, infrared monitoring is provided.
Two dedicated lubrication units are provided, one for the internal transmission gearing and one for the closed loop mill gear and pinion interface.
Contract award: TLL7786 Framework for the supply of Gearwheels and Pinions.
The setup's self-aligning drive pinions guarantee an optimum contact pattern, said Siemens.
This procurement is for replacement with new of the current Gearwheels and Pinions on the Piccadilly Line as part of its life extension programme.
Contract notice: framework for the supply of gearwheels and pinions.
Operating on low-speed, with motors driving the pinions directly, no gearboxes are required.
Specializes in any year and make, front wheel drive repair and rebuilding, from gears, pumps, complete axles, cv joint kits, rack and pinions and starter motors.