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They can also experience pins and needles or a burning sensation.
Pregnancy can leave women vulnerable to pins and needles as fluid retention is common and this can press on the nerves.
Q i have been troubled by pins and needles in my right hand for sometime, typically it is worse when I wake up and then generally improves over a few hours.
I was getting pins and needles right through my hand.
A MOTHER went through three years of pain with pins and needles that baffled her doctors.
Patients receiving acupuncture also reported less pins and needles, numbness in the hands and feet, and other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
She had a touch of rheumatism or a trapped nerve, she said vaguely; her right arm felt numb and weak, "like pins and needles.
Jen and JuJu just had to wait for Chuck to get home from work while Weik's wife Beverly and granddaughter Tiffany stood there on pins and needles.