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' President Buhari is also committed to serving Nigerians honestly, diligently, piously and patriotically.
RE: SELLING ARMS to Saudis: Trudeau and Freeland would sell weapons to the devil himself, all while piously denouncing official enemies like Iran and North Korea for their human rights abuses.
Was I once so indoctrinated and brainwashed that I piously agreed to look the other way so as not to bring scandal to a church that I now realize was then, and is now, a monster of depravity?
These musings were triggered by a picture doing rounds on the internet of a politician accused of heinous crimes kneeling piously before a religious figure who appeared to be performing a "blessing" ritual of some sort.The next thing we knew he was all over the media seeking absolution, with a pack of supporters taking over the battle for his cleansing and redemption.
I know it is little, but that is all I can afford.' 'Every paisa, every rupee that is given to God is precious,' said the priest piously. 'Each rupee is used to look after God's work.' The old lady looked at the priest happily as he bit into his third cake.
Not to worry, they could more properly be assigned to another room called The Chapel, where they could more piously sleep and pray, and pray and sleep-the whole night through!
We all condemn this evil, and piously resolve to fight it in all our declaratory statements.
We all in bilateral and multilateral discussions condemn this evil, and piously resolve to fight it in all our declaratory statements.
This woman, who piously accepted a Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 for the civil rights abuses inflicted upon her and her political party by Myanmar's junta and general, has become the apologist-in-chief for her own abusive, vile, violent - and elected - junta.
They cover the piously offensive Pericode Adulterae, the strange case of the missing adulteress, patristic evidence and the omission of the Pericope Adulterae from John's Gospel, the Pericope Adulterae: a theory of insertion, a Johannine tapestry with double interlock, and Pericope Adulterae: where from here.
long and piously, bring me the blood of the enemy on your knife, and i
With more than 14,000 clients around the world and more than 214,000 offshore entities involved, Mossack Fonseca, the Panama-based law firm whose internal documents were exposed, piously insists it violated no laws or ethics.