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71) These two phrases together constitute an appropriate emphasis to follow the previous pageant because the new court foregrounded three aspects of Henry's right to the throne: first, his continuity of the piousness of Henry VI, whose cult he and Henry VIII fostered; (72) second, Henry's Welsh connection to the ancient British kings; and third, his winning Bosworth Field as a sign of God's providence.
According to Mohammad Bin Yahya Al-Junaid, a Hashemite Zaydi religious scholar from the city of Taiz, this hadith is an example of "a direct ruling," which shows that the criteria for choosing a husband should be based on the content of his character and the extent of his piousness.
His arrogance, though, and self-styled piousness will prevent him from doing either and deny Turkey its deserving place to play a constructive role on the global stage.
Some would look at the establishment of this mosque by Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah as a sign of his political power and control, while others would take it as a sign of piousness or as a sign that he is indeed the divinely chosen ruler that should be followed.
He added that the religious authority's demand to ban the belly-dance TV show "The Dancer" shows that the state supports religion and piousness.
Gorgo quotes a phrase often repeated in the US with varying degrees of piousness.
It is clear from the aforementioned verse that the main object of fasting is piousness which would augment the realisation of God.
Rif's declaration that he will be running for president was also littered with references to his piousness.
He is popular for emotional speeches, piousness, and spotless life and respected not only by party workers but his opponents as well.
The Meaning of Whiteness in American Literature and Culture, Valerie Babb enumerates "hard work, piousness, civility, cognitive ability, physical beauty" as the features ascribed to whiteness (87).
Among the constituent components of whiteness, Valerie Babb includes "civility, cultivation [and] piousness," as well as "sexual restraint" in men mirrored by the asexuality and weakness of women (68, 76).
Thus, devout Mennonites might be more apt to behave like social entrepreneurs-with piousness, frugality, and industry being attitudes or values that promote entrepreneurship--and thus that "orient one" toward the creation of some kinds of organizations and services.