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Use the acid brush to apply a thin coat of pipe sealant, NSN 8030-01-218-0321, to the threads of the bulkhead adapter and pipe elbow.
In other words, the localized corrosion attack was confined only to the inner surface of pipe elbow.
In order to receive more precise mechanical properties from pipe elbow we made specimens from normal and tangential direction [5-7].
Insert a flex pipe elbow into the existing combination elbow or riser tee.
As we had expected, the operators recently learned that the calcium carbonate is indeed dropping out--the pipe elbow and first few feet of piping downstream of the injection point had accumulated enough deposition over the past few years to close the area of a 16-inch-diameter pipe to a 4-inch opening.
New Pellbow pipe elbow is aerodynamically designed to minimize fines and streamers from impact damage to pellets conveyed around comers.