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PIPE, Eng. laid. The name of a roll in the exchequer otherwise called the Great Roll. A measure containing two hogsheads; one hundred and twenty-six gallons is also called a pipe.

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Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) has counted 6,377 accidents between 1986 and August 2001.
Because it was not feasible to stop the pipeline flow during the relocation, Badger dug new trenches, installed replacement pipe and diverted the How to the relocated portion.
The high court ruling Friday ends the city's environmental challenge of the pipeline, which would course through the east San Fernando Valley on its way from Kern County to Wilmington.
In May, an experienced Unocal environmental project analyst conducted a firsthand review of the pipeline route--including the villages in its immediate vicinity--and found no evidence of human-rights violations in connection with the natural-gas project.
Scope * Geopolitics of Pipeline Projects * Feasibility of Cross Country Projects * Trends in Pipeline Safety and Pipeline Integrity Program * Factors behind Transportation Contracts and Tariff Rates * Technology Trends in Pipeline Transportation * Regulatory and Compliance Issues * Economics of Pipeline Transportation and Competition from LNG.
Chuck McLean, pipeline project manager, said the company believes the legal action was the only way to proceed with timely construction of a 132-mile pipeline that would run through the east San Fernando Valley.
Predict the future growth areas by understanding the key underlying trends in the pipeline industry.
With the memory of the fire fresh in their minds, residents of the area said they are leery of a proposal by an oil consortium to build a new oil pipeline through the northeast Valley.
The Cajon-EPTC project proposal, which includes the use of an already existing pipeline, was not been addressed in the draft environmental report when it was circulated last year.
The Fayetteville Lateral, consisting of approximately 167 miles of 36 inch pipeline with an initial design capacity of 800,000 MMBtu per day and a maximum capacity of 1.
TEPPCO owns and operates one of the largest common carrier pipelines of refined petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gases in the United States; owns and operates petrochemical and natural gas liquid pipelines; is engaged in transportation, storage, gathering and marketing of crude oil; owns and operates natural gas gathering systems; and has ownership interests in Jonah Gas Gathering Company, Seaway Crude Pipeline Company, Centennial Pipeline LLC, Mont Belvieu Storage Partners, L.
In addition to the above agreement, Ecopetrol SA have also commenced an extended exploration drilling programme near their Rio Zulia Field and in close proximity to the Pipeline.