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PIPE, Eng. laid. The name of a roll in the exchequer otherwise called the Great Roll. A measure containing two hogsheads; one hundred and twenty-six gallons is also called a pipe.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The air of the apartments is forced to pass through its pipes, and is then released with a heightened temperature.
Here are my pipes, and here are you two gentlemen who are baith acclaimed pipers.
The two first are in a sleep or stupor; the last is blowing at a kind of pipe, to kindle it.
Should he go to school, or should he follow the pipes?
The islanders, who only smoke a whiff or two at a time, and at long intervals, and who keep their pipes going from hand to hand continually, regarded my systematic smoking of four or five pipefuls of tobacco in succession, as something quite wonderful.
"I bleeve I could smoke this pipe all day," said Joe.
What, perhaps, with other things, made Stubb such an easygoing, unfearing man, so cheerily trudging off with the burden of life in a world full of grave peddlers, all bowed to the ground with their packs; what helped to bring about that almost impious good-humor of his; that thing must have been his pipe. For, like his nose, his short, black little pipe was one of the regular features of his face.
"I reckon I'll have to go down and dig the pipe out," he told her.
"Well, I should put the original cost of the pipe at seven and sixpence.
Put a flask of wine and the largest pipe in the little vaulted room behind the hall."
On this same day, and about this very hour, Mr Willet the elder sat smoking his pipe in a chamber at the Black Lion.
The pipe was in the old dame's mouth when she said these words.