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The face with its brilliant depth of complexion had the same piquancy of mirthful mischief that was fixed upon the countenance of the image, but which was here varied and continually shifting, yet always essentially the same, like the sunny gleam upon a bubbling fountain.
Still some novelty was necessary, to give to their return the piquancy with which I wished it to be invested.
The most prosaic woman likes to believe herself the object of a violent, a poetic passion; and without a grain of romance in her, Bertha had that spirit of intrigue which gave piquancy to the idea that the brother of the man she meant to marry was dying with love and jealousy for her sake.
My recipe adds mustard and Worcestershire Sauce for piquancy, garlic for that deep sweetness and muscovado sugar to round the recipe off with authenticity.
To add piquancy, the bosses of Everton, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool are all under pressure.
There was great piquancy and clarity in the detailed conducting of Timothy Vernon, with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra in the pit.
The fresh concoction of Wild Strawberry and Parsley is uplifting, a play on the piquancy of the flat-leaf parsley, the berry's sweetness, and a mossy base.
There was an added piquancy in his quotation from the winning Crown poem which was written by his friend Dafydd Rowlands: Early we sat to chant the shape of history We learned about Lizzie Next Door and knew nothing about Mam.
The classic 14th-century compendium, so full of subversive humor and joyful licentiousness as its plague-escaping narrators entertain each other with bawdy tales, is robbed of its piquancy here.
You might as well take time by injection, removing the piquancy of fun, loyalty and intensity altogether.
I liked, too, the idea of sprinkling plump caper berries on the plate for they added a refreshing piquancy to cut through the richness.
Our stir-fried Sichuan Chili beans with bamboo shoots and nibbles of pork had the right amount of crunch and piquancy.