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First item on the card is my all time favourite, the hot sour soup, which according to Lin Tsuifeng is perfect for the summer, as its piquancy will accelerate the appetite.
Flavor intensity marks this moment for specialty food and it includes regional extra virgin olive oils, anything made from chili peppers like sriracha and harissa, and piquancy of a marinated petit sweet pepper.
The semi-final is given added piquancy in that former Barca coach Pep Guardiola is to take over the helm at Munich's Allianz Arena next year.
After just two hours in the kitchens, Victoria was named as winner with her menu of shrimps in a piquancy butter with a Conwy mussel dressing for starter, a main course of tarragon infused breast of chicken with butternut squash, rosemary infused braised potatoes, curly kale and a chicken jus, and finally a trio of chocolates for dessert.
The Widower curry clocks in at a mouth-numbing six million on the Scoville scale of heat that measures the piquancy of peppers.
That phrase has a certain piquancy now, but Califano simply wanted to calm the witness, slow the process a bit and get everyone to chill out.
It will not make the task any easier but will add a certain piquancy.
The old-time Jewish humour and vocabulary as well as the fast-paced sassy dialogue all add an appealing piquancy.
According to Iranian Chef Valiollah Khodabandehlou the fare is nutritionally balanced and visually attractive and has a 'subtle piquancy and aroma unmatched in the world'.
There was a particularly piquancy about that statistic.
That the tournament is played in his homeland and the final is to be staged in the city of his birth adds piquancy to the prospect," Roebuck wrote.
You need to know North Korean semi-diety Kim Jong Il also thinks he's Elvis to savour the full piquancy of the latest Wikileaks cable.