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A certain alertness seemed to have deserted her usually piquant face.
It would be the most piquant, the most wonderful cross examination every heard--the woman lying to save her honor and to achieve her vengeance; the man on trial for his life.
Slenderly penciled, a little darker than her light brown hair, they just fitted her irregular nose that was feminine but not weak, that if anything was piquant and that picturesquely might be declared impudent.
Her hair was very fair, her eyes brown and very bright, and the contrast was extraordinarily piquant.
She was of the German type, blonde and fair-haired, with the piquant contrast of a pair of beautiful dark eyes with which she surveyed the stranger with surprise and a pleasing embarrassment which brought a wave of colour over her pale face.
The bold des Lupeaulx followed the handsome figure, so piquant did she seem to him in her dishabille.
the salon assumed a piquant morning look, quite in keeping with the becoming toilet hastily got together by the fugitive; we say it to her glory, for she was evidently a clever woman, in this at least.
Neither did her face--with the brown ringlets on either side, and the slightly piquant nose, and the wholesome bloom, and the clear shade of tan, and the half dozen freckles, friendly remembrances of the April sun and breeze--precisely give us a right to call her beautiful.
There was something so piquant and original in these elucidations of humanity, that Mr.
Treated to a fast and piquant marinade (for flavor), they go under the broiler or on a gas grill for just a few minutes.
We're not complaining, we love the dark juice - but there are other uses for these piquant little powerhouses as well.
The peppery leaf adds a piquant heat to any dish, as well as a healthy kick containing, as it does, more than 50 vitamins and minerals, while research suggests that there is a link between watercress and cancer prevention.