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THE durability of the flowing, holy-man hair on his head was in itself a near-miracle of cultivation and, when it combined with the gipsy ear-rings and the creases on a face which had weathered over many seasons, you had a figure to whom the name Bloom belonged most piquantly.
What piquantly captured the imagination of each, from competitor to consumer to straw boss to newly outsourced consultant, was how all-inclusive the bench warrant was.
What color there was, a violet caftan a man wore, would then stand out, very piquantly.
Has Eden's essential fecklessness ever been more piquantly sketched?
The epigram is a poem, in which, in the manner of an inscription, our attention and curiosity are excited by some individual object, in respect to which we are more or less kept in suspense, in order to be the more piquantly gratified at the close" (Lessing 169-70).
Nevertheless, it is slightly misleading to imply, as Hischak does, that his book alone takes the less methodical and objective path; a glance through any of the piquantly written re ference works of Leslie Halliwell (the film buffs Nicolas Slonimsky) is enough to refute that assumption.
The purposes of autobiographical writing in the period are usually quite transparent, and have little to do with self-expression: appeals to a generous public, a wish to set the record straight (often a legal or journalistic record), documentation of experiences that appear to have some public interest (as in many travel memoirs), exhortations to the reader to learn from a pattern of industry or virtue, and innumerable variations on the profit motive, including, most piquantly, blackmail.
Leonard's dilemma is pathetic and frightening, but it's also wonderfully strange and piquantly enjoyable.
The roasted red snapper was piquantly flavored by a light orange sauce, while the breast of duck in a caramelized pineapple sauce was a unique--and exceedingly tasty--deviation from the cherry or orange sauce the bird is usually cooked in.
Best of all in this admirable production was the piquantly effective instrumental ensemble put together by Jose Verstappen under music director Paul O'Dette.
14) Although by 1830 a playwright with an established reputation, Moncrieff's background was tempered by a spell in King's Bench debtors' prison after having been "nabb'd" by a "hoary Bailiff" on the Strand in London's theatreland near "Where Drury Lane erects its well known head, / And Covent Garden lifts its domes on high," an incident perhaps piquantly recollected in the figure of"Bum Bailiff" Snatch, blown up in a boiler explosion on the London-Margate steam boat during the denouement of Moncrieff's Frank-in-Steam, or, The Modern Promise to Pay (1824), a "Burlesque Burletta" divertissement for the Olympic of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.