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Globe launched #PlayItRight in 2017 to highlight the impact of piracy to the people in the industry and their families.
On Friday, an Indian Navy patrol vessel, INS Trishul, thwarted a piracy attempt on Indian ship on a merchant vessel "Jag Amar" in the Gulf of Aden.
Somali piracy in the modern era began after the fall of the SiadBarre regime in 1989.
UAE, which is the co-chair of the working group aACAyMaritime Counter-Piracy and Mitigating Operation', along with Japan and Seychelle, a part of the Contact Group on Piracy off the coast of Somalia, has played a leading role in fighting piracy globally and in particular in the Horn of Africa region.
The service allows users to overlay piracy information onto existing data and provides them with up to date information, essential for planning avoidance measures when transiting a potential piracy area.
He said despite the challenges faced by the East African nation in the fight against piracy, the government has signed agreements with other states involved in anti-piracy operations.
The Dalhousie University Marine Piracy Project (DMPP) was launched in 2011 to examine modern piracy on a global basis.
The papers reflect diverse viewpoints including developing a sustainable maritime strategy for Somalia and engaging West African leaders to unite against piracy in their region, private sector contributions, and the use of a model to develop counter-piracy capabilities advocated by the UAE to close specific capability gaps and target assistance where it can have the greatest impact.
The UAE is also putting money into drought and flood relief so that Somalis are not forced into piracy because of the country's disastrous economy.
11) Defendants timely appealed their piracy convictions, again asserting that simply opening fire at the USS Nicholas did not constitute piracy.
There is a lot of supporting organisations that are involved in development of protections against piracy and the major are following: The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), The International Group of P&I Clubs (IGP&I), ICC International Maritime Bureau (1MB) and International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) (www.
This UAE driven conference aims to build up on achievements of last year's UAE-hosted forum, which saw over 700 delegates representing more than 65 governments, international organisations and more than 120 representatives of the global maritime industry come together in Dubai to share experiences and develop coordinated international initiatives to face the challenges of maritime piracy.