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PIT, fossa. A hole dug in the earth, which was filled with water, and in which women thieves were drowned, instead of being hung. The punishment of the pit was formerly common in Scotland.

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The FAQ explains the most common types of breed-specific laws, including, a breed ban, automatic labeling and mandatory pit bull sterilization.
The video shows Ascariz frantically trying to keep the pit bull away from Hachi before friends of Lozano arrived to help.
Victoria City Kennel Club President Barbara Watt found it appalling that someone considered crossbreeding a pit bull with a Rottweiler.
For most of the past three decades, pit bulls have been widely regarded as America's most dangerous dog -- the favorite breed of thugs, drug dealers and dog-fighting rings, with a fearsome reputation for unprovoked, sometimes deadly attacks.
Dog fighting was made illegal in this country in 1835 but RSPCA chief inspector with the special operations unit Michael Howard Butcher told the court it had a resurgence in the 1980s with the influx of pit bull terriers.
At a later date, Seed signed over these two dogs as well as another pit bull over to the RSPCA.
A new Ohio law takes effect today removing an automatic 'vicious dog' label for pit bull breeds.
The crime of owning a pit bull carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison - but many dog owners are escaping punishment and instead convincing the courts that their dog isn't a danger.
To celebrate the fifteenth year of the Pit Bull line of machines and customer demand, McElroy released the Pit Bull 26 in late 2010.
He described Reuben - which was brought home to St Helens at just five weeks old, the size of a hamster - as "possibly one of the finest examples of a pit bull terrier type that I have ever examined.
LOS Angeles Animal Services cannot risk that a few weeks of training at its proposed Pit Bull Academy will turn "unsafe" dogs with demonstrated aggressive behavior into docile companions.
After the death of Ellie Lawrenson by a pit bull terrier, there has been enormous controversy surrounding the dogs.