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Whenever you are playing a pitch shot there is no need to make a full backswing, it's all about accuracy.
I put the ball in play most of the day, gave myself some really good approach shots into the greens and hit some really good pitch shots.
With pitch shots, the ideal result is for the ball to bounce once or twice and stop.
Rhys played one of the best pitch shots on his 16th hole during the final round I've ever seen," admitted Warren.
He would like you to be able to create your own short game and have long bunker shots, short bunker shots, chip and pitch shots and obviously putting.
If this idea sounds too radical the second option is to play a few bounce games, hitting all your pitch shots from a high tee peg.
It's okay when I hit short pitch shots, but it is on the longer shots that I feel it a little bit, so I didn't want to go out and play and make it any worse.
Inbetween further sessions of treatment, the 40-year-old was practising pitch shots from around 50 yards and also fine-tuning his putting and bunker play.
Initially, when hitting pitch shots over a bunker to a tight pin, his results were as inconsistent as you would expect.