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Luma is a complex waltz of lights on a pitch-dark stage.
At the top of the 80-foot-long channel, they emerged into the musky air of a pitch-dark cave that most of the group had first visited the previous year.
The Desert Island is staged in a pitch-dark theatre in an unlit basement where members of the audience have to be led blindly to their seats by ushers.
To back the international claim, Canadian Tom Stade will be kicking things off from September 6 and 7, a man said to have a happy-golucky exterior that conceals a pitch-dark wit.
The patient took 29 hours to break out of the pitch-dark machine.
Think about having to use them in pitch-dark or smoky conditions.
With inimitable pub power, the innkeeper, whose menu does not include a Wiener Schnitzel, puts the Viennese scholar to sleep with his harangue and does not offer him the key until it has become pitch-dark.