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2 : to throw usually toward a certain point <I pitched hay onto a wagon.
On Tuesday, Lowe pitched three innings of scoreless relief in a 16-inning Dodgers victory.
That meant that Dunn (Antelope Valley High), who pitched a 6 2/3-innings two-hitter in Monday's 1-0 loss to tournament host Kalamazoo, was unavailable Tuesday.
The hitter can learn the delay (after the stride) and hitting the ball where it is pitched, in batting practice.
Lowe (9-7) pitched around Uggla's leadoff single in the fourth with three consecutive groundball outs, the first on a lunging play by second baseman Julio Lugo that took a hit away from Jacobs.
11 Upon catching a pitched ball, hold it for a complete second to give the umpire a good look at the pitch and its location.