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It is not hard to imagine the result when Aztecs came into contact with the Spanish, whose own warrior culture stressed pitched battle to the death, a concept inherited from Greece, Rome, and the Crusades.
PITCHED BATTLE Chaos erupts at soccer stadium last night
And stunned locals in the east end of Glasgow told of the halfhour pitched battle which brought terror to their street.
1685: The Battle of Sedgemoor in Somerset took place - the last pitched battle on English soil - with victory for James II's Royalist forces over the rebels under the Duke of Monmouth.
More than two years after officials ordered the image of a tiny cross removed from Los Angeles County's official seal, a pitched battle continues over the constitutionality of religious symbols in public places.
FIFA have been ruled offside in a pitched battle over football's most controversial rule.
Foresters in Chicago, New York and other eastern states have been fighting a pitched battle with the Asian long-horned beetle, a voracious black insect imported from China that bores into hardwood trees, especially maple.
Revellers watched in horror over the weekend as a pitched battle broke out between Sunderland and Newcastle fans.
Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Frodo and his compatriots have forged an alliance committing them to a pitched battle for the survival of Middle-earth, and in Star Wars: Episode II--The Attack of the Clones the forces of good and evil are preparing for Armageddon.
ISRAEL was yesterday easing some travel restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza but in the West Bank soldiers killed a Palestinian in a pitched battle.
But this particular version of art's pitched battle got funnier as it became more literal.