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BEIRUT: Rebels in the province of Hama have denied reports that they committed a massacre in an Alawite village, saying they killed only adult combatants in a pitched battle.
2) This group of children is caught in the middle of a pitched battle over whether the Northpark Sharks, a children's swim team, can continue to use this community pool in Valencia.
Foresters in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana have been fighting a pitched battle against the voracious Asian green-winged beetle, whose larvae feed on the inner bark of green, white, blue and black ash trees.
In the latest incident, 13 people were arrested last month after a pitched battle involving knives during a house party in Jarrow.
A village football club is facing a pitched battle with neighbours over plans for a new playing field.
Hidden agendas, murderous plots, and courageous fighting culminate in a pitched battle for the alien ship that will change the course of the halo worlds forever.
Not only does this enhance the car's on-track performance, it also helps control road noise and impact harshness, since-unlike the original Ford GT-this version will spend most of its time posing on Rodeo Drive than in pitched battle on the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans.
What began last month when Mary Ann Tighe joined CBRE has suddenly become a pitched battle to poach rival talent.
The Christian Coalition of Georgia, along with Peace State Methodist and Baptist churches, are in a pitched battle to close down the state's video poker machines.
ISRAEL was yesterday easing some travel restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza but in the West Bank soldiers killed a Palestinian in a pitched battle.
Glasgow-A pitched battle is being waged throughout Great Britain over Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which forbids teaching schoolchildren that homosexuality is acceptable.