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There was a self-possessed young lady connected with these accessories; and Pitcher was there to construe her.
Lady from the Stenographer's Agency to see about the position," said Pitcher.
Pitcher seized a moment to remark to the bookkeeper that the "old man" seemed to get more absent-minded and forgetful every day of the world.
Then the runner awoke, jumped up, and saw that his pitcher was empty and the King's daughter far ahead.
Yes, ma'am; I will, ma'am," she stammered, righting the pitcher, and turning hastily.
Some washed, the young lads bathed in the stream, others made a place comfortable for a rest, untied their sacks of bread, and uncovered the pitchers of rye-beer.
Gradgrind, for the general behoof of all the little pitchers.
Reaching in the refrigerator only to find that youve forgotten to refill the water pitcher is a nuisance of the past, with the introduction of GEs Autofill Pitcher technology, available for select GE refrigerators.
High-speed video cameras record the markers' positions as the pitcher throws the ball.
Signed free-agent pitcher Mark Hendrickson of the Marlins to a one-year contract.
Pitcher plants (Family Sarraceniaceae) are important members of wetland communities, and are unusual in that they function as both producers and consumers.
If the pitcher and the defense have to worry about both the base runner and the hitter, it will cause that little extra anxiety that will create mistakes in clutch situations.