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Like Earl Weaver, the old Oriole manger, Beane prefers to (1) play for the big inning, (2) don't give away outs, (3) don't take unnecessary risks on the bases, (4) look for your pitch to hit, and (5) let the other pitches go, even the strikes.
Many fans think strikeouts are sexy, but it takes three to five pitches (or more with foul balls) for a power pitcher to get one strikeout, whereas Maddux can get two people out with one pitch by inducing a rally-killing double-play groundball.
In bullpen discussions about curve balls, players commonly compare the merits of so-called four-seam pitches and two-seam pitches.
It also enables the pitcher to hit spots and maintain control of his pitches because his arm is not playing catchup with his front side.
His sinker was working, and he spotted all of his pitches very well.
I believe in getting in as many pitches as possible.
This is the same Gonzalez who threw 77 pitches at Dodger Stadium on July 4, when he lasted just four innings and got torched for seven runs.
When placing the mitt on the ground on pitches in the dirt, make sure it is angled at 90 degrees.
The velocity of his pitches, which rarely top the upper 80-mph range, had been a knock against Huff in the past, but he quickly made believers of the Bruins.
Taylor now tops out at 64 to 65 mph but with more explosive movement on her pitches, and results suggest she is more effective.
First, because of the drastic number of passed balls/wild pitches in amateur ball.