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Dodgers pitching hero Orel Hershiser, now an analyst for ESPN, knows the art: ``Some guys have to work strictly in black and white.
During his senior year at CSUN in '87, Wagner ended his own pitching days with a torn rotator cuff.
A lot of pitchers get injured because their arms are not in the kind of condition that is necessary to withstand the rigors of pitching in games.
I won't come to the ballpark if I'm not pitching against Pedro.
The ability to throw borderline strikes that move out of the strike zone is a skill that must be worked on in the same manner as other skills in pitching.
They can advance if: The pitching staff is able to carry the Tigers through one of the tournament's toughest regionals.
The situation calls for pitching inside and forcing the hitter to hit to the left side of the infield -- giving your third baseman or shortstop (playing in) a chance at holding the runners at second and third while making the out at first.
After mechanical adjustments designed to create more pitch movement she made under the tutelage of her private pitching coach, she no longer is as overpowering.
The pitching technicians will do a lot of fine-tuning with arm angles, observing carefully before making adjustments.
Pitcher Paul Byrd, who was ineffective in Game 3 of the Division Series, is the last man standing in a now patchwork pitching staff and will start today's Game 1.
It goes like this: If a pitching coach lists 10 pitchers on paper, he will really have only five available at any one time.
I think getting out of there and having an opportunity to pitch every day in a decent pitching environment, it helps.