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the Slap Chop and the Schticky, all of which not only sold millions of units in stores but have also become some of the most popular commercials of all time, attracting tens of millions of views on YouTube, as well as millions more views through parody videos and comments by fans around the world - a feat that has been unmatched by any other pitchman in the history of television infomercial entertainment.
Though the option is a great play in any offense, it requires a lot of repetition for the Quarterbacks to learn the reads and acquire the necessary timing with the pitchman.
There's just one place in North America where an observant Muslim can follow Jared's diet--the two-sandwich-a-day plan that helped Subway pitchman Jared Fogel lose 245 pounds.
She is dancer-choreographer Carmen de Lavallade; he is dancer-choreographer-director-poet-painter-costume designer-TV pitchman ("the Uncola") Geoffrey Holder.
A president who was respected around the world would make a far more effective pitchman for our values.
Colin Powell couldn't manage that, and he is a more adept pitchman than Ms.
Yesterday, Lord Justice Rose and Mr Justice Pitchman, sitting at the High Court in London, found newspaper publishers Express Newspapers guilty of contempt because the October 23 article had created "a real, substantial, more than remote risk" that the course of justice would be "seriously impeded or prejudiced".
Maytag even sent its famous TV commercial pitchman.
Former Senator and Viagra pitchman Robert Dole, aged 81 years, can rest assured that men older than 56 years continued to account for most Viagra prescriptions.
Bob Dole, television pitchman, former Senator Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard
Age of former boxing champion and grill pitchman George Foreman, who is coming out of retirement to fight again.
Silva has overseen the creation of a new chain of federation coffee shops, branded with Colombia's longstanding pitchman, the iconic grower Juan Valdez, standing alongside his mule.