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Using celebrities as pitchman for boosting sales of products and services is an endorsement that directly influences consumer behavior.
Age of former boxing champion and grill pitchman George Foreman, who is coming out of retirement to fight again.
Silva has overseen the creation of a new chain of federation coffee shops, branded with Colombia's longstanding pitchman, the iconic grower Juan Valdez, standing alongside his mule.
5) In a sense this is the role played by Alfred Goodwill Spalding, arguably baseball's first pitchman.
The infomercial (60 and 120 second spots) brings back the Red Stripe Ambassador, the tireless pitchman, and introduces Jimmy, his new deadpan sidekick.
might be regretting its choice of the pitchman featured in its television commercials.
The name Johnnie Cochran will most likely always be linked to that of former pro football player and pitchman O.
your phone is probably ringing right now with an eager pitchman on the other end.
By tying federal highway dollars to state drinking ages, a policy that then--Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole- whose Viagra pitchman husband Bob was last seen pursuing his own pleasure by ogling Britney Spears in a Pepsi commercial--considers among her very greatest contributions as a public servant.
ad, a reported one-year pact with Reebok footwear, an Aztek SUV that ties him into Pontiac's ubiquitous ad campaign--plus a powerful Hollywood rep, Creative Artists Agency, determined to find Hatch even more outlets, both as a pitchman and as a personality.
The phenomenon of the journalist doubling as a pitchman may be the media's fastest-growing ethical dilemma, The Boston Globe reported in a story on Feb.
Ronald Reagan, former pitchman for General Electric's all-electric kitchen, rose to the presidency arguing that America did not conserve its way to greatness.