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But I rushed at her with my sword drawn as though I would kill her, whereon she fell with a loud scream, clasped my knees, and spoke piteously, saying, 'Who and whence are you?
I agreed to this, so I went back to the sea shore, and found the men at the ship weeping and wailing most piteously.
It was hard to tell what was happening in the rear; the people who were falling behind shrieked as piteously as those who were already lost.
Sometimes we arrived back at the house to hear him howling piteously.
Angelou would later write these words in a tribute to Mandela when he died in 2013: "Yes, Mandela's day is done, yet we, his inheritors, will open rhe gates wider for reconciliation, and we will tespond generously to the cries of blacks and whites, Asians, Hispanics, the poor who live piteously on the floor of our planet.
Among the few scholarly comments on the poem, Amy Lowell points out that, Dickinson, in the poem, "half piteously, half bitterly refers to her own obsession by the thought of death" (100).
7) In Metz, France, in 1468, the teenaged daughter of a glazier performed the meaty role of Saint Catherine, speaking "so spiritedly and piteously that she prompted many people to weep.
So piteously, they say, he has proclaimed To all the citizens, that none should give His body burial, or bewail his fate,
I can't imagine having to earn my PS300 per day - just for turning up and sitting alongside the likes of the piteously rampant Lord Sewel.
I long to grow old," he says, piteously, at one point.
were remarkably banal, "dull and piteously whining.
Howells' mail went through Bremen, piteously small as it was.