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Actually their comments were briefer and pithier, but I've accurately represented their sentiments.
My more long-winded and involved ideas tend to come out in my weekly column, my shorter and pithier ones in the cartoons," said the Universal Press Syndicate creator.
6) Grant Gilmore told a pithier, American version of this same tale in The Death of Contract, where he suggested that contract's days were numbered and it would soon subside into tort, which Gilmore insisted was the residual form of civil liability.
It's hard to find, for example, a pithier comment on the American character than that which appeared in his chapter entitled "Why the Americans Are So Restless in the Midst of Their Prosperity":</p> <pre> In America I saw the freest and most enlightened men placed in the happiest circumstances that the world affords; it seemed to me as if a cloud habitually hung on their brow, and I thought them, serious and almost sad, even in their pleasures.
Sources say Ministers reached a common understanding on three points: that there is indeed a need for such an agency; that an agreement should be reached this year so that the agency can become operational in 2004; and that it should be given a pithier working name - the European Defence Agency.
Readers who prefer a pithier but algebraic presentation of the argument which follows will find it in the Appendix.
The pithier the better: "The basic idea that all of us ought to have tattooed on some visible appendage is that the best editorials focus on a single idea.
What it shows is their recognition that the mind-reality issue was more complicated than their pithier formulations implied.
Historians such as John Brewer, Conrad Russell, David Starkey and Douglas Johnson began to appear regularly, some contributing not only key scholarly features but also the pithier pieces commissioned for the opening pages of the paper.
It's entirely possible, then, that there were bigger stories this year that we didn't recognize, better and worse examples than the ones that appear in our "Best & Worst," and quotes pithier than we ever imagined.