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Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and a military lawyer, pithily put it: ''We have a chance to start over.
A Roosevelt Democrat, a disciple of Keynes, an aide to JFK and his ambassador to India, a prescient and outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, Galbraith also knows how to write mordantly and talk pithily.
For example, the speaker's family owns a life-sized statue of the Virgin Mary whose inert presence Sexton describes pithily as "the Mother of God in the front yard" (35).
Harnessing a big-mouthed heckler nurse called Julie with ripostes that transformed her from menace to mere foil, this dead spit for a hangdog Timothy Spall -a comparison he has no doubt got sick of,but an endearing one nonetheless -launched a salvo of pithily grumpy anecdotes.
Film columnist Jeffrey Wells pithily observes, "A movie that had the foresight to capture a national nightmare and arrive right on the heels of a bloody real-life trauma gets yanked because it's too real.
It's all handled pithily enough without undercutting the drama - Poirot's name and nationality (he's Belgian, not French) are routinely mangled - and Molina informs his performance as the erudite detective with a wink at the audience that never becomes too distracting.
As one Wantage character pithily expresses it, 'Society sucks'.
Although Spencer had never set foot in the Giardini di Castello in June in Biennale year, his observation is pithily appropriate.
The lesson is not that no one called despite the fact that 38 heard her scream," Gladwell sums up pithily.
The translators also add a third part to Chamoiseau's novel: "Bringing the Word" includes two glossaries, one devot ed to particularly colorful "Names and Nicknames," and an Afterword by Rejouis that comments pithily on the challenge, and the joys, of coaxing into English phrases and cadences the novel's at times precipitous levitations between metropolitan French and francophone Caribbean Creole.
As Stephen Pyne pithily suggests in his insightful book, Fire in America, ".
In addition, it offers a number of pithily aphoristic summations of major points; no doubt many of these sayings will turn up as highly useful citations in future studies on the celebrated poet and thinker.