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In the songs of Dagmar Andrtova-Vonkova we feel the chilling contrast between the great universal themes (betrayal, death) and downbeat "Slavonic" pithiness, the playfulness of folk rhyming and the "smell of clay, decaying leaves and blood" that was a distinctive element for part of the Czech alternative scene and finds a counterpart at a similar level of intensity in the crowning album of the underground DG 307 Dar stinum [Gift to the Shadows] (1979--first published as an LP by the exiled Safran in Sweden).
There are many lines in the book that the reader returns to constantly for their pithiness and precision.
Because of their striking pithiness, they pierce the hearer's mind and leave a lasting impression (chap.
Nietzsche's unsystematic and aphoristic style, however, and the pithiness of his expression, makes paraphrasing him--and that is essentially Safranski's method--nearly impossible.
The collages, while satisfactory in their own right, aim perhaps a little too ham-fistedly at pithiness.
In the end, Branagh decided there was no way to improve on the elegant, economical pithiness of masterpieces like ``They Can't Take That Away From Me.
One reason might be that it lacks the pithiness and the irony of the an name change.
Even so, I must admit to reading the column twice now - it's worth a laugh, anyway - and being blown away by the clever pithiness of the writing.
It's true that stylistically, Meg's writing has a certain dryness and pithiness.
Stiltedly performed though they are, the Q & A's have a distinct, sometimes comic pithiness.
While Jackson's defiance of the Court was notable in its pithiness, his attack against the judiciary was not the most direct launched by a sitting president.