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Critique: An impressively well written, organized and presented introduction to the thought and work of Carl Jung, "Pocket Jung: Pithy Excerpts from the Work of C.
Anyway Alice is back and though this has something to do with the state of the economy and a consequent diminution in her need to spend time at the drawing board, it enables the rest of us to enjoy her pithy tales of small provincial practice.
Known for his pithy and conversational reviewing style, Barnes expanded the dance world through his criticism, introducing audiences to such choreographers as George Balanchine and Martha Graham.
Where have all the previous pithy, sometimes witty entries gone, those that usually lifted the spirits and even brought a smile or two around the breakfast table?
Short, pithy chapters cover such topics as writing a good paper, research and the college library, taking advantage of college support services, balancing athletics and academics, navigating modern college technology, and more.
But The Devil Wears Prada star is just a few degrees of separation away from the pithy pensioner.
An introduction, comments on the translation, very brief biographical sketches of the rabbis quoted, a glossary, and a suggested reading list round out this modernized compilation of pithy sayings that vastly transcend their era.
When the curtain closes on what will hopefully be a long and fulfilling life, what pithy inscription might appear on your headstone?
Guardino has given us a really accomplished work, deeply researched, nicely written, with a mature authorial voice and a text scattered with pithy, almost aphoristically memorable pronouncements.
The website was praised by judges in the Britain Youth Tourism Awards for its layout, clarity,succinct information and "inspirational use of rich media and pithy writing".
The Gospel lesson (Mk 4:35-41) relates in seven pithy verses Jesus' stilling of the storm, but within that brief account are three important questions.
The fine print, where the names of actors and producers would normally appear, resounds instead with pithy phrases like YOUR SEXUAL HISTORY and OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.