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For Dickens was violently prejudiced against the nobility and against all persons of high social standing, and when he attempted to introduce them created only pitifully wooden automatons.
He coughed pitifully, the broken cough of a sick man; and I beheld him as one sees a fish in an aquarium by the light of an electric bulb, an elusive, phos- phorescent shape.
His voice wailed pitifully in the darkness: "Come aft somebody!
But he gave way to a sudden panic at the moment of being swung over the side and began to wail pitifully:
Thus said the hawk to the nightingale with speckled neck, while he carried her high up among the clouds, gripped fast in his talons, and she, pierced by his crooked talons, cried pitifully. To her he spoke disdainfully:
Then the horned and unhorned denizens of the wood, with teeth chattering pitifully, flee through the copses and glades, and all, as they seek shelter, have this one care, to gain thick coverts or some hollow rock.
They might have done it, if only they could have gotten pure food, and at fair prices; or if only they had known what to get--if they had not been so pitifully ignorant!
There was some- thing pitifully ludicrous about it.
Miranda's pale, sharp face, framed in its nightcap, looked haggard on the pillow, and her body was pitifully still under the counterpane.
A MAGISTRATE apologised after imposing a "pitifully small" fine on a teenage driver involved in a fatal road crash.
FROM his position lying pitifully as a beaten man on the canvas, Wladimir Klitschko could only see the referee waving an abrupt end to the fight and Corrie Sanders celebrating his greatest victory.
Agnes McCabe, 79, was pitifully thin and covered in oozing bedsores after 10 months in a home run by Scots GP Radha Sarker and his family.