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So, we could argue that the displacement of femininity to weakness, passivity and pitifulness goes hand in hand with the model of woman mother and child carer and equally blurs the frontier between the latter and the model of the woman in crisis.
It does, though, require the presence of certain characteristics in the appearance of the objects it views as being cute: "the formal properties associated with cuteness--smallness, compactness, softness, simplicity, and pliancy--call forth specific affects: helplessness, pitifulness, and even despondency" (816).
The growth of the idea of childhood as a separate realm that should be free of care is examined through the growth in Britain of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as well as novels, articles and poetry showing the pitifulness of the lot of poor children.
The players may as well have been during a first half that, impossibly, out-did St Andrew's and White Hart Lane amongst others in its sheer pitifulness.
You would think pitifulness less profound than tragic pity, even when it is hardly the pity of a King Lear.
What is set against this lady's disdain is not her lover's pitifulness or even the strength of his desire but the truth of his heart.
Governments recognize, obviously, that their poverty is a precondition for the flow of aid, and, for the less scrupulous among them, this can turn the poor themselves into a valuable commodity, their pitifulness a resource not to be squandered through amelioration.