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Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the big screen to star in The Dictator (Cert 15) and plays General Aladeen, a rich, cruel and pitiless dictator from the fictional country of Wadiya who heads to the US for a meeting at the United Nations.
They head south to face freezing temperatures then the pitiless heat of the Gobi Desert.
Woolworths is not a symbol of the pitiless greed that has driven us into recession.
In a speech to parliament, Johnson said that in the summer of 2014, Daesh swept down the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, occupying thousands of square miles of Iraqi territory, pillaging cities, massacring and enslaving minorities, and seeking to impose by pitiless violence a demented vision of an Islamist utopia.
The pitiless cheats pretend to be working on behalf of a court and they phone people in an attempt to recover funds for a non-existent phantom debt.
It's the rest of us that deserve sympathy -but there's precious little of that from this pitiless excuse for a Prime Minister.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation and operation of one pitiless electronic weigh bridge (60 MT) for weighment at durgapur-west bengal on built operate and transfer scheme (BOT) for ten years Document cost : INR 1000 EMD value : INR 28656 Document Purchase Start date : 21 Sep 2017 Document Purchase End date : 20 Oct 2017 Opening date : 24 Oct 2017 Period of contract : 10 years
SADIQABAD -- A pitiless man on Tuesday doused her wife in acid and attempted to burn her alive over minor domestic dispute in Sadiqabad.
KALAT -- A pitiless person gunned down his two wives over domestic disputes and escaped from the scene here on Wednesday.
Subjugated as convict laborers and forced to serve additional time as domestic workers before they were allowed their freedom, Black women faced a pitiless system of violence, terror, and debasement.
HERE are three mugshots from the pitiless Victorian penal system that flogged and jailed a boy of seven for stealing sweets.