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Even though pitiless meters do not indicate differences between surface and core, the meters can detect water pockets and higher moisture levels across the board.
In his Yale-set comic thriller "Nancy, Please," debut helmer Andrew Semans paints a pitiless portrait of an academic manchild whose writer's block turns to paranoia, all directed at the ex-roommate who holds hostage his annotated volume of "Little Dorfit.
Their quest leads them back to Halley's old home town and a nightmarish research facility where zombies are being programmed as pitiless fighters and suicide bombers.
Cherif recounted aspects of the savage treatment inflicted on him by the pitiless separatist criminal in the aforementioned prison, set up to oppress all attempts at expressing opinions different than the one espoused by the polisario and their mentor Algeria.
Its 30 million digital inhabitants are ruled by duplicates of some of history's cruellest tyrants: Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust; Beria, Stalin's arch executioner; Torquemada, Spain's pitiless Inquisitor General; Robespierre, the face of the Reign of Terror.
While this pitiless bear pit for quivering entrepreneurs can still deliver decent entertainment, it is fast becoming a parody of itself.
At least the speed-loving Futurists were on the mark in one key respect--one hundred years ago, they promised the world a century of ruthless, pitiless momentum.
I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe I was saddened For no one listened No one cared The child cried alone In Gaza The dogs of war Are pitiless Devouring all with savagery And mindless abandon Jerusalem in her left hand Bethlehem in her right A bullet hole in her chest I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe Was that god crying.
PITILESS Michael Stevenson brutally attacked 89-year-old Harry Lindley, leaving him so badly injured he died almost a month later.
When the financial storm finally hit, it struck with such pitiless force that no one yet knows what will be left when it subsides.
the echoes of pitiless thoughts hammered-out in the air
But, in the pitiless logic of insurance companies, anything that threatens the bottom line is a problem that needs to be offloaded as quickly as possible, regardless of the inconvenience it causes to customers, some of whom have paid into the plan for 60 years.