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Audubon's collapsing of perspectives, therefore, works hand in hand with his endorsement of a specific aesthetics and narrative which have at their core the painter/hunter's decision to assume the "pitilessness" of nature as its own and to naturalize his actions by occluding the crucial fact that, unlike those of the birds he depicts, they are not directly dictated by survival instinct.
(43) That Shakespeare qualifies the "pitilessness," the odd but undeniable sadistic quality that recurs in Marlowe's writing, can be seen even in Crowley's consideration of the amplification of violent details from Dido, Queen of Carthage in Henry V quoted on pages 106-107.
When this contradiction found its direct and extreme expression in the inhumanity and pitilessness of "pious" religious persecutions, a reaction began, first of high-principled humanism, and after that also of practical pity and humaneness.
Through the nuances of pity and pitilessness the ambiguities of the pitiful state of the academicians are displayed; the ethics of complicity with cultural legitimacy lie at the heart of the relationship of culture and institutions of education captured by the fear of the loss of Bildung.
This creed is stated with a deliberate pitilessness, right up to the closing sentence: "He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar." But Rand believed that any softening would be a concession to the values she loathed: cant, neediness, the elevation of mercy over justice, of the collective over the individual.
But there's a real pathos within the pitilessness. Onanistic children with an interest in the genitals of others most often develop into "voyeurs, eager spectators of the processes of micturition and defecation," activities likeliest to satisfy eyes hungering for a glimpse of hidden genitals.
The grotesque portrays the people on their way to crucify Christ and thus serves to reveal the human stupidity, pitilessness and cunning cruelty of the crowd surrounding Him.
Through the poetic device of rime riche, Shakespeare stresses the pitilessness of the social context imagined by the play.
Where he finds these principles, I am uncertain, but then he seems to be perplexed as well, given how quickly his attempt to apply evolutionary theory to the thorny problem of abortion collapses into unfortunate-sounding appeals to "creative destruction" and "the pitilessness of nature."
(25) As a well-bred girl from Maine, Mercie is the soul of delicate femininity, but she has been worn out by the work and the pitilessness of the prairie.
The femme fatale's calculating pitilessness is an excrescence of the sinister authority who tries to manipulate the hero in the paranoid world of the film noir; she is the fascinating "stain" whose meaning the noir hero tries to decipher, all the while being drawn into a web of intrigue by criminal masterminds.
(14) She also used the metaphor of hunting throughout the production to reinforce her focus on the pitilessness of human society.