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Through the nuances of pity and pitilessness the ambiguities of the pitiful state of the academicians are displayed; the ethics of complicity with cultural legitimacy lie at the heart of the relationship of culture and institutions of education captured by the fear of the loss of Bildung.
No less disturbing than Erika Kohut's sad fate is the pitilessness with which the narrator relates it.
Yates's pitilessness of eye is a function of his compassion.
The second chakra contains very reptilian vrittis such as pitilessness, indifference and self-indulgence.
31] In order to whip up public outrage, George Kibbe Turner accentuated the pitilessness of the "Jewish" white slave trade when he declared that Jewish immigrants sacrificed their daughters in order to educate their sons.
The trouble starts with what happens when people give themselves over to self-interest: desire, greed, pleasure-seeking, ambition, selfishness, rage, cruelty, pitilessness, and violence.
The pitilessness of the enemy must be matched by the pitilessness of the forces of good.
Stephen Mitchell, the brilliant translator of the Book of Job, recognizes the Voice from the whirlwind as embodying "the clarity, the pitilessness, of nature and of all great art.