pitted against

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The winners in the various contests of the day would be pitted against each other until only two remained alive; the victor in the last encounter being set free, whether animal or man.
That one came too close to the ape-man's craft before its occupants realized that their fellows were pitted against demons instead of men.
Hence there will be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole, which means that we shall be many to the enemy's few.
It was strength pitted against subtlety, and the match was a merry one.
Thus was the flower of English chivalry pitted against the King and his party, which included many nobles whose kinsmen were with De Montfort; so that brother faced brother, and father fought against son, on that bloody Wednesday, before the old town of Lewes.
The late king of Prussia was more than once pitted against his imperial sovereign; and commonly proved an overmatch for him.
He was eighteen, only three years older than you are, Raoul, when I saw him set to work, pitted against tried men."
The chances appealed to him--the chances of life and death, with his prowess and his faculties pitted against those of a worthy antagonist.
They were rapidly disappearing when it occurred to me to follow them, and so, hurling caution to the winds, I sprang across the meadow in their wake with leaps and bounds even more prodigious than their own, for the muscles of an athletic Earth man produce remarkable results when pitted against the lesser gravity and air pressure of Mars.
That day in the buried chamber beneath the palace of Salensus Oll I learned what swordsmanship meant, and to what heights of sword mastery I could achieve when pitted against such a wizard of the blade as Solan.
The fellow pitted against Juag was a veritable giant; he was hack-ing and hewing away at the poor slave with a villainous-looking knife that might have been designed for butch-ering mastodons.
But this time he found that he was pitted against a creature as agile and as quick as himself.