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There was no speech nor language, no pitying voice or helping hand, from that distant sky.
At breakfast she neither ate, nor attempted to eat any thing; and Elinor's attention was then all employed, not in urging her, not in pitying her, nor in appearing to regard her, but in endeavouring to engage Mrs.
I gazed on it with gloom and pain: nothing soft, nothing sweet, nothing pitying, or hopeful, or subduing did it inspire; only a grating anguish for HER woes--not MY loss--and a sombre tearless dismay at the fearfulness of death in such a form.
I'm so wretched, you can't help being sorry and pitying me.
Dickon followed her with a queer, almost pitying, look on his face.
Miss Garth was prophetically pitying Magdalen's unfortunate husband.
When her husband was brought in, she turned a look upon him, so sustaining, so encouraging, so full of admiring love and pitying tenderness, yet so courageous for his sake, that it called the healthy blood into his face, brightened his glance, and animated his heart.
As with a man busied about decrees, Condemning some to death and some to exile, Ransoming him or pitying, threatening the other.