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The lateral pivot shift: a symptom and sign of anterior cruciate ligament insufficiency.
Check around the pivot rod nut to make sure it's not leaking.
Mackinder warned, "The oversetting of the balance of power in favour of the pivot state, resulting in its expansion over the marginal lands of Euro-Asia, would permit the use of vast continental resources for fleet-building, and the empire of the world would then be in sight."
Pivot-based search methods choose a subset of the objects in the collection that are used as pivots. The index stores the distances from each pivot to each object in the collection in adequate data structures.
The first algorithm uses Supernode-Bunch-Kaufman (SBK) pivoting and dynamically selects 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 pivots. It is supplemented by pivot perturbation techniques.
By right-clicking on the pivot table, another menu appears that allows features such as hiding, reordering, and refreshing.
* The larger, fully wrapped, 360-degree pivot components offer improved pivot action and better visibility
Bill Jelen and Michael Alexander's Pivot Table Data Crunching (0789734354, $29.99) focuses entirely on using pivot tables: an advanced, powerful Excel feature rarely given its very own coverage.
The mounting interface brackets offer additional tilt and pivot, plus the ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees.
I thought one of those premium-priced 19" LCD monitors that pivot from landscape to portrait mode might get rid of that annoying scrolling up and down the page.
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates offers a Rack Supported High Pallet Pivot Gate.
Improvements in ski bindings, particularly the installation of a pivot point toward the back of the boot and a quick-release mechanism to free the skier's foot during a fall, have led to the decline of skiing-related shin and ankle injuries.