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Arm 1 pivotable around the neck is lifted by lifting part (piston of the pneumatic cylinder) 2.
Key statement: A bending device for thin-walled metal tubes (R), made of a straight tube guide (1), a core template (2), which is pivotable, having a connection strip (3), and a mandrel having a mandrel tip (4), which is flexible in the region of the core template (2), and a mandrel shaft (5), which adjoins the mandrel tip (4) and is rigidly connected and is axially fixed (1) in the tube guide.
PIVOTABLE POINT: The crash between Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barichello (above) which gave Michael Schumacher (left) a victory to celebrate
Most are, in effect, enclosed metal corridors ending in a pivotable cab for connection with the aircraft door.