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The IND allows the commencement of a pivotal phase III secondary progressive MS clinical trial in the US and has been granted on the basis of satisfying FDA criteria regarding preclinical, chemistry, manufacturing and safety data from the completed and ongoing clinical studies for MBP8298.
Thereafter, Pivotal said that when its financial adviser RBC Dain Rauscher was brought on board in April, CDC indicated that it was not in a position to negotiate a merger or acquisition, but on November 14 it sent Pivotal a letter expressing its interest in opening discussions.
Joint Pivotal-Intel customers will have the unique opportunity to have their specific technology environments replicated to test and optimize the performance of the Pivotal solution suite on the Intel Architecture and Microsoft .
Together, HP and Pivotal are offering companies in the EMEA region innovative, fast-to-implement solutions for demand chain management that have extensive, positive impact on our customers' businesses," said Olivier Tordo, director, solutions marketing and ISV's Europe, HP Europe.
Pivotal ePower features powerful integration capabilities that enable fast integration in a multi-platform environment for enterprise applications and business-to-business integration (B2Bi).