pivotal point

References in classic literature ?
He had come to the surface facing down the stream; in a moment the visible world seemed to wheel slowly round, himself the pivotal point, and he saw the bridge, the fort, the soldiers upon the bridge, the captain, the sergeant, the two privates, his executioners.
The 26-year-old Rice hit six 3-pointers and at one point made four straight triples in a pivotal point in the third quarter, where TNT blew the game wide open.
Kulling's tale introduces young readers to one of science's great characters at a pivotal point in her story.
Jones was speaking after captaining his side in Bulgaria, and while missing the last two games was an obvious frustration for the Everton youngster, not even the disappointment of the draw could mask his delight at being back involved at what is a pivotal point in the campaign.
The pivotal point of talks should be terrorism and India was doing this, he added.
Mr Duffy said: "I'm delighted to be joining Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks at what is a pivotal point in the banks' story.
The year-long The year-long miners' strike in miners' strike in 1984-85 was a 1984-85 was a pivotal point in pivotal point in Scottish history.
Silva's loss is a big blow to City at this pivotal point of their campaign and he has started all but one of their games this season.
We have reached a pivotal point in this effort and believe now is the time to bring together a broad coalition to confront these challenges.
She said being selected for this activity was a pivotal point in her career, bringing it full circle since she served as an item reviewer early in her clinical practice experience.
THE Gregson Institute on Garmolye Road was once a pivotal point of the Wavertree local community.
ii) For a convex particle containing the pivotal point the average of the surfactor expression on a pivotal section coincides with the corresponding flower area.