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Senate seat occupied so memorably and so well by Ted Kennedy is a pivotally important one.
When Montaigne assumes the radical uncertainty involved in reversing vision's direction so as to illuminate the eye of the beholder, he is drawing upon an experience all of whose elements can be found at work in the Essays, pivotally grounding self-observation in the phenomena of the lived body.
More pivotally, the new GI Bill may have the unintended consequence of helping bridge the current unhealthy civil-military disconnectedness.
As with most societies, there are large divisions within Israel about the best way forward, arguments that look back over the millennia for support, yet turn pivotally on the shoah of the Second World War and the awareness that there is a serious problem with the Palestinian population both within Israel and within the occupied territories.
Pivotally, revisions are required to bring them in line with contemporary human rights instruments, and to provide better and more fulsome direction on a number of issues, such as how adjudicators are to use social and economic norms in their assessments of state protection.
Water sources were also pivotally placed between the camp and the hunting ground and between the subterranean realm and the sky, fulfilling essential transformative and restorative functions (Lewis-Williams & Pearce 2004: 52).
The largest lecture hall, the 1,000-seat aula magna, pivotally erupts at the corner in a great gravity-defying wedge that recalls Melnikov's famous Rusakov workers' club in Moscow.
According to CBS, the PAC's Web site is pretty sparse, offering some political boilerplate ("Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination"), several shout-outs for energy independence, a form to sign up for e-mails and, pivotally, a place to donate.
In a letter to House and Senate leaders, TIA President Grant Seiffert highlighted the benefits that broadband technology brings to Americans: "Broadband networks directly impact the productivity of our industries and our economy, and pivotally affect public safety, education, health care, and countless other functions in Americans' daily lives.
The time spent at An American Place was pivotally important to Adams, and the exhibition features several photographs taken there, including "Alfred Stieglitz at An American Place, New York" (c.