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s pivoting door system provides the ideal solution for large openings with projection restrictions.
Aggressive defenders can eliminate the ball-handler's pivoting options by immediately establishing a tight, crowding position that will force the ball-handler to go backwards or toward the outside of the court.
A pivoting strategy that interchanges the rows and/or columns of an n x n matrix A is associated with permutation matrices P, Q such that PAQ = LV, where L is a unit lower triangular matrix (i.
The Pivoting Optical Servo is at the core of LGMR technology.
At Gillette, the new pivoting head CustomPlus razors, which include lubricated strips for sensitive skin, are the latest example of the company's commitment to driving sales in the grooming category with innovative products.
The new HG Series includes pivoting and articulating plasma and LCD wall mounts to complement the look of the latest flat panel screen finishes - high gloss piano black or high gloss silver - adding to the upscale appearance of the installation.
Additionally, extra-thick, pivoting ear cushions maintain user comfort and focus, while PeakStop(TM) technology protects against sound spikes by cutting off sudden, loud noises above 118 dB SPL.
This patent discloses the pivoting motion the arm facilitates, referred to as the FREE-PIVOT(TM) feature, which helps to ensure patient safety.
Our special three blade configuration, new blade edge technology and forward pivoting action are each significant on their own.