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Ondrejko, who has been with Valmont for five years, says, "One Iowa producer who has 20 center pivots (averaging 160 acres of coverage from each) says he used to hire two workers during irrigation season who would drive to each center pivot twice a day.
It's a company that has seen its fair share of pivots recently, including a rebrand and a merger deal with Gannett that fell through.
a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial pivoting, folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; skylights; greenhouses; garden windows; conservatories; and sunrooms; provides new pivots doors for use in large openings with projection limitations.
Two advanced persuasion techniques you can use are Mental Pivots and Mental Removers.
Incorporation of GPS equipment has improved monitoring of the location of center pivots in the field.
Just twist the grip and the patented nozzle pivots up to 90 degrees to help you keep the optimal 90-degree angle on the surface you're cleaning, without the strain of stooping, bending, kneeling or awkward reaching.
In addition, SSS adapts itself to the dimensionality of the metric space we are working with, without being necessary to specify in advance the number of pivots to use.
The forward and reverse Rip Pivots act as a one--two punch combination to create offensive space.
1 [less than or equal to] i, j [less than or equal to] n] has zeros below its main diagonal in the first t - 1 columns and DU is upper triangular with the pivots on its main diagonal.
The whole thing -- seat and bench -- pivots as a unit, hence the name BR Pivot.
We have considered using a flexure pivot (which can be modeled much more successfully than a knife edge pivot), magnetically levitating the wheel to reduce the load, or using different pivots for the different modes of the experiment.
The POS assembly pivots around a single mounting point to keep the magnetic read/write heads aligned with the optical tracks and reading data from or writing data to the tape.